Recently, the rotary steerable PDC bit and downhole motor independently developed by our company have been successfully matched with the imported rotary steerable equipment in the third opening slope and horizontal well section Wei202H2-10 (2936-4237m, Longmaxi formation) drilled by the team 50022 of Great Wall Drilling Company. It has achieved the expected performance and got unanimously praised by drilling companies and directional service companies.

The rotary steerable PDC bit and downhole motor drilling down twice in the deviation increasing section, with a cumulative footage of 1,301 meters, of which 700 meters were drilled horizontally. The total drilling time is 117 hours, the total screw use time is 229 hours, and the average penetration rate is 11.12 meters per hour. As a result of changing normal method of pull out bit while directional drilling, the used bit is 95% as the original new bit.


The rotary steerable PDC bit is a new innovated type of bit specially developed by our company for adapting rotary steerable equipment and rotary steerable downhole motor to meet the needs of shale gas development and formation particularity. This type of bit incorporates with our independent intellectual property right of directional easy-to-control technology, preventing bit sticking technology, Gauge enhancement technology and adopts high-performance PDC Cutters. It has the characteristics of good azimuth control, high rotary speed, no crash, stable operation and long service life while drilling.


The successful development and application of the rotary steerable PDC bit and downhole motor is another major achievement of our company in the independent research and development of drilling tools. Its promotion and application can replace imported products, greatly reduce drilling costs, and its market prospect is broad.

Post time: Dec-15-2020