• Wash Over Shoe

    Wash Over Shoe

    An auxiliary fishing tool used to grind an irregular drill pipe, casing, or something that falls on the bottom of a well. A pear-shaped milling shoe or milling cone is used to correct a flattened casing or drill. Rod. Cylindrical grinding shoes can be used to sleeve the formation of the drilled part of the drill string for salvage operations.

  • Mill Shoe

    Mill Shoe

    It is suitable for grinding the bottom hole in the casing.

  • Drill Reamer

    Drill Reamer

    The PDC reamer is an effective tool for drilling soft-medium hard formations. The design with integrated directional head makes the reamer operation more efficient.

  • The central part of A wheel

    The central part of A wheel

    When the central part of A wheel is rolling on the well wall, the radial runout of the bit is greatly reduced due to the support of the spokes.

    the cutting is smoother, the life of the cutters are longer, and the borehole is more regular; the cutters on the spokes can also increase the side cutting ability.

  • Hybird Drill Bit

    Hybird Drill Bit

    Hybrid drilling technologies integrates PDC fixed cutters with roller cones together, lessening drilling time and trips in some hard and complex formations with special designs of DEEFAST’s independent intellectual rights .the rock crushing capacity and stability of the cones and the cutting advantages and continuous shearing effect of the diamond bit, this technology can improve ROP and cutting removal rate.