DeepFast is an ever-developing API certified public company with number of invention patents. Presently, we have new products such as Dual Drill Accelerator, Micro Core bit, Modular bit etc.

DeepFast is one of the best suppliers of oil drilling products and services in China. DeepFast Oil Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. specializes in the diamond drill bits of various types and sizes ranging from 3 inch to 26 inch and other drilling tools. With Japan 5-axis NCPC and Germany Modern lathe, DeepFast produces annually 8000 diamond bits and 2000 downhole motor. Though long-term cooperating with Southwest Petroleum University, our company researches and develops rock breaking in hard formation by bit test bench. Till now, it gets 47  patents that includes 2 American patents, 2 Russian patents, 43 Chinese patents. Our company focuses on quality by advanced technology and high efficiency management. Our products pass the ISO 9001-2015 (IS09001:2015), ISO14001-2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007, API Spec 7-1 ). We provide oil drilling tools and related services to customers in North America, South America, Russia, Ukraine Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. Our mission: “Solution to speed up oil drilling”.

So far, we have provided services to over 10000 Wells, and we are committed to the improvement of rate of penetration, saving cost for operators in all major oil and gas fields and achieving better performance globally.

Meanwhile, we provide OEM service to major international corporations and supply clients with customized products and services.

Our History

Since the 1980s, our core technical personnel started their career in the research, development, manufacture and application of PDC bit as the first generation of experts in China.

In 2008, DeepFast was founded.

Since 2010, we have started the research, development, manufacture and application of high performance downhole motor.

In 2016, SGDF was founded with German technology, specialized in the research, development and production of high-performance downhole motor.