• Power Section

    Power Section

    When the pressure fluid with certain energy enters the rotation, the rotor rotates around the stator axis driven by the pressure mud to provide power for the drill bit. The Power Section is the heart of the drilling motor, which determines the dynamic performance.

  • Centralizer


    The centralizer is mainly composed of rubber and reinforced metal rubber, which is used in different measuring systems while drilling. We study and evaluation of elastic materials and bonding forces between metals to design a professional rubber centralizer that can be able to meet the needs of customers for measuring tools while drilling.

  • Radial Bearing

    Radial Bearing

    TC bearing adopts the general sintering process of ordinary high temperature furnace, unique sintering process
    Strictly control the quality of raw materials to ensure that cemented carbide and tungsten carbide meet the standards of use.

  • Nozzle


    Our company produces various nozzles with different structures to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers for bit nozzles.

  • Transmission Section

    Transmission Section

    The transmission assembly, which is attached to the lower end of the rotor, transmits the rotation and torque generated by the power section to the bearing and drive shaft. It also compensates for the eccentric movement of the rotor’s nutation and absorbs its downthrust.

    Rotation is transmitted through the transmisson shaft, which is fitted with a universal joint at each end to absorb the eccentric motion of the rotor. Both universal joints are packed with grease and sealed to extnd their life.

  • PDC Cutter

    PDC Cutter

    Polycrystalline diamond (PDC), also known as man-made diamond and synthetic diamond) is engineered to deliver superior cutting performance and maximize the downhole performance of the PDC bit.