In March of Yangchun, everything recovers. During the spring outing, we went to Mengtun to feel the beauty of nature. In order to develop the team’s collaborative ability, we grouped all the employees. A series of small activities were also carried out. After we arrived in Mengtun, we enjoyed the special Tibetan food, felt the enthusiasm of the Tibetan people, and understood the Tibetan culture. After dinner, the coach organized everyone to walk through the Takahashi ditch and camp in preparation for the evening camping. At the same time, I learned common skills in the field. A bonfire party was held after dinner. Everyone took an active part in the performance and singing. Filled with laughter and laughter.

  Thanks to the company for organizing this event, so that everyone has gained a lot. We have honed our will, developed good habits and the quality of solidarity and mutual assistance. We can carry out the later work more effectively. At the same time, it strengthens the cohesion of enterprises, promotes the spirit of enterprises and enriches the corporate culture. It improves the company’s soft power.

Post time: Dec-15-2020