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Based on the well profile, geological stratification and lithology data, the design features of the downhole motors and the previous application results, DeepFast will make a design of drilling tools for this formation by computer softwares.

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Based on the well profile, geological stratification and lithology data, the design features of the downhole motors and the previous application results, DeepFast will make a design of downhole motors for this formation by computer softwares.
What is more, we guarantee that all downhole motors are in compliance with relevant industry technical specifications and delivered in time according to requirements. Our company is committed to do the following:

Before sales:

1.Strictly control the quality of downhole motors to avoid NPT due to quality problems.
2. Before drilling, we will prepare downhole motors and sent it to the designated well site according to user’s request.
3.According to technical requirements for inspection and acceptance, downhole motors OD, type, stabilizer and welding quality will be strictly inspected and accepted before shipment.
4.A sufficient number of downhole motors is reserved in the construction drilling team in case the changed season and road conditions.

During sales:

1.Dispatch on-site technicians to provide 24-hour technical services who are helping to recommend reasonable drilling parameters, collect usage data, timely offer feedback to the company’s technical departments for improving downhole motors and preventing the improper selection of downhole motors leading to early failure.
2.After the completion of the on-site signature, the unused and out-of-well downhole motors shall be recollected.
3.We will formulate effective risk control measures and inform users when the content of process design and technical scheme changes.

After sales:

1.To solve and deal with problems arising in the use of products in a timely manner.
2.After the use of our company’s products, if users also hope to refurbish, our company will do it on the technical evaluation of the products after use and give a new quotation according to the maintenance items and replacement parts. In addition to nozzle replacement can be timely delivery and on-site replacement, other repairs such as cutters and connection threads need to be repaired.

Unique Design and Services:

1.Equip with multiple technical experts, familiar with the geological structure, and fluid properties of the main oilfields
2.Offer customized services
Maximize product performance and guarantee not to scrap at the same time.
3.Multiple leading indicators
Downhole motors increase torque by 50-100% compared to other products and life expectancy increases by 1-2 times
4.Full Chain Products
We offer Diamond bits, downhole motors, drilling speed-up tools, TC bearings, high-end rubber machinery products.
5. 7700m plus Deep Well
The drilling conditons are very tough and complex in Sichuan Basin, Southwest of China. Most of the wells in this region are 6,000-7,000 meters deep.

The Rotary Steerable PDC Bit and Downhole Motor

have been successfully used in the shale gas block



In the unconventional shale gas, the drilling operator would like to minimize Authorization for Expenditure(AFE)by eliminating costly trips and additional equipment associated with multiple runs.


Deep Fast offers combination drilling tools PDC Drill Bit and Downhole Motor for Rotary Steerable System to optimize directional drilling by high rotary speed, stability and long service life.


With a cumulative footage of 1301 meters. of which 700 meters were drilled horizontally

Downhole motor use time is 229 hours and the penetration rate is 11. 12 meter /hour

The used bit keeps 95%o as the original new bit



Recently, the rotary steerable PDC bit and downhole motor independently developed by our company have been successfully matched with the imported rotary steerable equipment in the third opening slope and horizontal well section Wei202H2-10(2936-4237m, Longmaxi formation) drilled by the team 50022 of Great Wall Drilling Company. It has achieved the expected performance and got unanimously praised by drilling companies and directional service companies.



The rotary steerable PDC bit and downhole motor drilling down twice in the deviation increasing section. with a cumulative footage of 1301 meters of which 700 meters were drilled horizontally. The total drilling time is 117 hours. the total use time of downhole motor is 229 hours, and the average penetration rate is 11.12 meters per hour. As a result of changing normal method of pull out bit while directional drilling, the used bit is 95% as the original new bit.



In 2018. the formation is medium-hard but abrasive in the Sichuan of China, DeepFast offer integrated service (downhole tools rental service) for end user. In the block of Sichuan, there are two similar well JY-66-1 HF and JY-66-2 HF. Deep Fast provides the drilling tools combination of drill bits and downhole motor to compete other company which offer only drill bit or only downhole motor.

Operation Performance

Well No. Footage (m)  Dril Bits Cost (RMB)  Downhole Motor Cost (RMB) Drilling Time Average ROP
Other company (7 drill bits+4 downhole motors) JY-66-1HF 1698 676000 385000 26 days 6.5 m/h
DeepFast (5 drill bits +4 downhole motors ) JY-66-2HF 1909 531900 22days 8.67 m/h

Results Compare

By offering the improved drill bits and downhole motors, DeepFast develop the drilling tools combination with its own technology. The high-quality PDC bit and enhanced long lifetime of downhole motor are successfully to compete with other company's drill bit and downhole motor.

Most importantly, DeepFast offer its own design drill bit and downhole motor which are well connected and used well. which are efficient than others company that only offer drill bit or downhole motor.

Moreover, Deep Fast offers drilling engineers for on-site field service to help the operation. Due to this combination of these tools, DeepFast help clients save 4 days and 50% money cost. Furthermore, it improves the 33% ROP.

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