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Unique inner cone structure: The inner cone of the bit adopts unique geometric shape and layout, which improves the cutting performance of the central part of the bit and prolongs the overall life of the bit.

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Design for higher ROP in drilling deeper and harder formations, PDC drill bit always drills from ground to bottom directly with less or even a single run, saving large amount of drill time and cost .

Differ from tricone bit, PDC drill bit runs with lower WOB but Higher RPM, so it usually works with downhole motor to pick up rotating speed.

The performance of PDC drill bit depends a lot on PDC cutters, we provide unique solution to specific requirement on varied formations.

Impregnated Diamond Bit has Cylindrical toothed blade which has higher ROP in hard and dense hard plastic interaction formations.



Targeted design: It has special design for high compressive strength and abrasive formation. It is suitable for denser shale and argillaceous s and stone , and quartzs and stone with high abrasiveness , mudstone and sandstone interlaced strata are more suitable.

Unique inner cone structure: The unique geometry and arrangement of the inner cone of the drill bit improves the cutting performance at the center of the drill bit to extend the overall life of the drill bit.


The unique matrix formula: The formula of matrix powder with independent intellectual property rights and advanced sintering technology have made the mechanical properties of matrix reach the international advanced level.

Wide and deep flow channel design: The radial wide and deep flow channel is beneficial to the cleaning and transportation of cuttings and prevents bit balling.


1. Unique inner cone structure: The inner cone of the bit adopts unique geometric shape and layout, which improves the cutting performance of the central part of the bit and prolongs the overall life of the bit.

2. Wide and deep runner design: Radial wide and deep runner, which is also conducive to the cleaning and movement of cuttings and prevents drill mud sludge.

3. Stable diameter preservation: The spiral lengthening and diameter preservation of deep chip removal groove and the design of cutting teeth with reverse scratch hole can be adopted.


1. Matrix mixed with diamond segments by the unique prescription to match the formations, optimizing the diamond cutting edge, adhesive strength and wear resistance to obtain the better ROP.

2. Optimum Hydraulics
Each impregnated bit design undergoes extensive computational fluid dynamics evaluation to ensure that re-grinding and re-circulation of cuttings is eliminated.
Our impregnated bit are capable of drilling formations from soft to hard.

3.Bits have composite layers made up of special mixtures of diamond powder of different sizes and alloy. Mixture composition can be designed for drilling in different formations.


Impregnated Bit Had High-performance for Turbine Xiwang Oilfield



Normal PDC Bits and Tricone
Bits are not able to have a great performance in extremely hard formation while Limestone and Dolomites


In order to achieve great performance, Deepfast design strengthened Impregnated Bit 8 1/2” DI705 to apply for turbine.


With a cumulative footage of 103. the total time is about 37. 5 hours, and ROP is 2.75.


In the Xiwang Oilfield in China, the formation is extremely hard which is limestone/dolomites and the compress strength is 24000PSI -32000PSI. The operator is required to drill the 8 1/2” hole with turbine. The normal PDC Bit or Tricone Bit did not good performance in such section. Based on this situation, Deefast offers strengthened Impregnated Bit(8 1/2” DI705)to apply turbine and achieve great goals.


1.BHA Tools

+Φ168.3mm Turbine x 11.54m
+Φ214mm Stabilizer x 1.79m

2. Drilling parameters:

Drilling Pressure/ Weight onBit 40-50KN
Rotary Speed 65 RPM
Flow Rate 29L/S
Pump Pressure 15 Mpa


The Impregnated Bit (8 1/2" D1705)is a new designed bit specially developed for adapting turbine and hard formation.
With unique inner cone structure and strengthened matrix body, it has improved the strength and stability of drilling in abrasive lithology. With a cumulative footage of 103, the total time is about 37.5 hours, and ROP is 2.75 meter/hour. The client is satisfied with its performance and help to save 30% time and about 50% cost comparing with previous solution.

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